IKEA and the Domino Effect on my Study Table.

I love Ikea. Let me rephrase the tense - I Loved IKEA.

The prices, the DIY approach, their business modelĀ and the modularity of shopping and transport resonates with the hands-on person and the business guy in me at the same time. Not to mention the fact that most of the furniture looks great in their studio/focus light scenario on their sets.

That is until you decide to move any of the furniture from Point A to Point B. And in my case Point A was Philadelphia,PA - Point B: Redmond, WA.

Suffice to say - when the movers moved in my stuff at my new place in Bellevue it was perfect. Then I come back from office to find the whole table collapse likeĀ a pack of dominoes. The wood (I dont even know what wood they use at IKEA) is an amalgamation of fibers which was ripped off the panels.

If it wasnt as pathetic as it sounds I wouldnt have found the situation a little funny, regardless of the loss.

Lesson to self: IKEA: Good when in college. IKEA. Great for the wallet. IKEA. Great when not moved arnd.

Summary: No more IKEA for me :)