Man erases hard drive,judge said man had a "duty to preserve the computer'

That was the title as submitted by skyshark88 at Digg and a catchy one you must admit. The background article is here.

A quick read lets you know that the act made by man in qn was highly resembling one of destroying evidence - hence the verdict by the judge. Albeit an interesting Digg.

But I thought was blogworthy for me - was when I stopped and thought - why did I even click on a title as absurd as that? Are there so many insane lawsuits and cases out there in America that I am led to think the the people running legal have a wicked sense of humor or a warped sense of logic - and therefore clicked on the story to support that hypothesis? Or just that it was more proof that the legal system has to tighten up and quick to support the digital revolution that has been accelerating over the last decade? All said and done - the story doesnt seem as read-worthy as the catchy title sneakily used by Skyshark88 :-) Reminds me of the British tabloids ...