SBSA [Seattle Business School Alliance] Happy Hr today!

Thanks to my Tepper classmate - John Robinson volunteering me to be the webmaster of the Seattle Business School Alliance - I am on their board now! So the SBSA has their Happy Hr today - minutes after - Tepper's Bid to be included on the SBSA roster of member-schools.

Apparently its a 1 yr dating with the SBSA before Tepper becomes a member-school and John has done his dues and helped run the SBSA Annual cruise to perfection with some great guys from Ross (UMich BSchool) and Harvard.

Rock Bottom Brewery is the venue from 7-9pm  and the funny part is - Joan (our lovely admin) had chosen the same venue for our Team's Happy Hr from 4-6pm.

The question remains - why is a Happy Hr called a Happy hr? I understand the Happy part of the Hour....

But when the time it lasts for - is more than an Hr why is it still a Happy Hour?