Since when are pickup trucks - Compact????

It is alarming to see the number of SUVs and Pickup trucks that are parked in parking spots specifically marked with the words "COMPACT CARS ONLY" at the Garages in Microsoft. The words are big, white and the lighting in garages is always good (guess they had to compensate for the oft-cloudy days of Seattle) - so driver non visibility of the signs can be ruled out. No - There are ample spaces out there - so it is not an issue around constraint of parking spots either.

In fact just today - I had to sandwich my compact car between two pickup trucks in a row of parking spots marked "COMPACT CARS ONLY". Taking a step back - I realised of the 15 cars parked there - about 8 of them are trucks and SUVs and 3-4 mid-size and fullsize sedans leaving about 2-3 real compact cars. That's about 80% offenders!!

There is but a fine line between this, door-dings, and sky rocketing auto-insurances.

No wonder when I moved from Redmond to Bellevue my autoinsurance dropped by a few points.