Terrabyte IPOD Strategy akin to MediaCenter?

The Business 2.0 Blog just blogged about a terrabyte Apple IPOD Strategy and threw in a great architecture to boot on the "crystal ball" view.

Quoting the blog - Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster just sent out a note, with his predictions for Apple's product pipeline. Within five years he thinks there will be a terabyte iPod that will function as a complete media center hub. But more immediately, over the next two years he thinks the Mac Mini, iPod, and Airport Express will all become more seamlessly integrated into a digital media center that can zip video and audio wirelessly throughout the home.

Hmmmm... I wondered - from a visionary standpoint - this is not unlike the Windows Media Center 2005 vision which has started getting some traction and some good feedback. I have tested it out at MGB and other product demos and it is very very coool.

Ofcourse I still do own a 2nd Gen Ipod and just put in my $200 for the Ipod Nano and think the design and form factor on that is uber-chic as well.

All in all - some great competition and choices for customers in the future at the home - and that can only mean one thing - More Innovation and some fun worklife. :)