Too much BS in your documents?? No problem! Herez Bullfighter!

You might think this is a joke - its not!

A Team member on my group - Matthew Lehman discovered this epoch tool  called BullFighter and forwarded it to our team minutes ago with the disclaimer " For people like me that can’t seem to form a sentence without inserting technical nonsense, it’s invaluable."  

Bullfighter includes a jargon database and an exclusive Bull Composite Index calculator that will allow you to see -- in an actual window, on your PC display, live -- just how bad a document can be. Says their website.

What is curious is that this was developed by Deloitte.... Hmmm....!

Wonder what would happen if the BullFighter was unleashed on all documents at Bschools during our MBA days??? Lean Document Manufacturing with all the fat cut out ofcourse :)