Have you shared your opinion with Microsoft?






Microsoft regularly conducts surveys for customers and partners to ask for your open and honest feedback (what we did right or wrong last 6 months). And we’re very much thankful for those who sharing the feedback.

The only only problem that we seems are not able to solve is Junk Email filter  which many times was the reason why people didn’t get the invite for survey = couldn't share the feedback.

So just to make sure you and ourselves are not victim of Junk Email folder:

Please check if you have an email from Feedback@e-mail.microsoft.com with subject “Help Microsoft focus on customers and partners” and share your feedback with us!

We value your feedback very much and looking forward to incorporate it in future planning on our work with IT Community!

P.S. The invite for the survey sent to random sample, so you may be not in this shot, but please make sure you put the e-mail address into “safe contacts” list for future surveys. Thanks a lot in advance!