MusicAmp app for Windows 8 is one of the best online music player in Store

Windows Store for Windows 8 has many music apps available and most of them are full of new features but, MusicAmp is among the top of them. MusicAmp for Windows 8 lets you see/play the latest songs library, best and tops songs as well as the best by singers. You can filter between different categories like the Latest Albums, Top English and Top Arabic songs etc and then, select from different albums by singer.

You can play songs in the background while using the other apps, you can choose from different songs, add them to your playlist and sort the albums by singer.

With a simple and touch friendly interface, MusicAmp lets you play songs which are one click away. Select an album name and you would see all the songs in it and they can be played with just one click/tap on the play button.

Although, it lack some features like the video playback support, offline play and search but, still it is the best one available in Store.

It can be downloaded from Music & Video category in Windows Store for free.