Changing individual quick action buttons via GPP

I was asked today if there was a way to change individual quick action items via GPO, and unfortunately, there isn't. You can, however use Group Policy Preferences (GPP) to do this.

Take for example, switching to Tablet Mode. These are the 3 registry keys involved.

Path: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell
Note that all of the below keys are of value REG_DWORD

Key: TabletMode
0 = Off
1 = On

Key: SignInMode Values
0 = Auto Switch to tablet mode
1 = Go to the desktop
2 = Remember what I used last

Key: ConvertibleSlateModePromptPreference Value
0 = Don’t ask me
1 = Always ask me before switching
2 = Don’t ask me and always switch

Hope this helps someone else.

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