Disable Bluetooth in Windows 10 [Updated]

I'm providing a revision to Jeff Stokes' original post for disabling Bluetooth in Windows 10.  I found that the removal portion of the original script no longer works on the Creators Update (1703).  The script should work on domain joined, AAD joined, ConfigMgr or Intune managed systems.

# Must be ran as the System account $namespaceName = “root\cimv2\mdm\dmmap” $className = “MDM_Policy_Config01_Connectivity02”

# Turn off the Bluetooth toggle in the settings menu New-CimInstance -Namespace $namespaceName -ClassName $className -Property @{ParentID=”./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config”;InstanceID=”Connectivity”;AllowBluetooth=0}

Once the script runs, the following are seen in the Settings menu and the Action Center, respectively:

If you want to remove the setting and revert to default, you can run one of the following lines as they both achieve the same result.

# Modifying the script (from 0 to 2 or vice versa)``$x = Get-CimInstance  -Namespace $namespaceName -Query 'Select * from MDM_Policy_Config01_Connectivity02'``Set-CimInstance -InputObject $x -Property @{ParentID=”./Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config”;InstanceID=”Connectivity”;AllowBluetooth=2} -PassThru

# Remove policy & return to original settings: Get-CimInstance  -Namespace $namespaceName -Query 'Select * from MDM_Policy_Config01_Connectivity02' | Remove-CimInstance

The only options you have for this are to set the AllowBluetooth value to 0 (zero) or 2, as 1 is a reserved value.

  • 0 - Disallow Bluetooth. If this is set to 0, the radio in the Bluetooth control panel will be greyed out and the user will not be able to turn Bluetooth on.
  • 1 - Reserved. If this is set to 1, the radio in the Bluetooth control panel will be functional and the user will be able to turn Bluetooth on.
  • 2 - Allow Bluetooth. If this is set to 2, the radio in the Bluetooth control panel will be functional and the user will be able to turn Bluetooth on.

You should be able to use the same functionality on the following settings:

  • AllowBluetooth
  • AllowCellularDataRoaming
  • AllowConnectedDevices
  • AllowNFC
  • AllowUSBConnection
  • AllowVPNOverCellular
  • AllowVPNRoamingOverCellular

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/client-management/mdm/policy-configuration-service-provider


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