AJAX SDK and JS Libraries

Perusing through some internal Dynamics CRM distribution lists a member reminded the community about a great library that Ascentium posted a couple of months back, you can think of it as an AJAX SDK that lets you easily work with the CRM Web Services.

Oh yes, JS libraries are very handy, wouldn’t it be nice if there were some native constructs to store and consume JS libraries in CRM? I mean, you can do that with the current version of CRM, as the Ascentium post demonstrates, and you could even take that approach further and store your libraries as entities, that way you store them in the DB but that requires a bit more packaging and processing. But I’m talking about some built-in mechanism that makes libraries a first class citizen in the CRM platform. Well… stay tuned, I’m personally working on some very interesting features for our next CRM version in this space; developers will love them, specially CRM online Devs J.