And I'm back, apps, apps, apps.

Wow, I didn't realize it had been a year since I wrote my last blog post; I kind of hinted what I was working on didn't I?  Apps, apps, apps ;)


Well, I couldn't really write about anything related to my work before but now that its all (or most of it) public I plan to share a bit of the inner workings of how and why things were designed the way they are. I worked (and continue to) in many of the areas involving Office and SharePoint apps including the store, licensing, some of the APIs but mostly the 0-60 experience; I'll share more shortly but in the meantime head over to and build your first Office or SharePoint app; it will literally take you minutes to get everything you need to build your first app; even better you can win one of the prizes of the Apps for Office and SharePoint contest!