CRM and Silverlight sample update

I posted a couple of month back a sample that illustrates integration between dynamics CRM (3.0) and Silverlight. Turns out the sample worked fine with version 0.9 of Silverlight but not with the released 1.0 Version. What appeared to be a simple issue with the Silverlight plug-in turned out to be a not so simple rework of the sample. Basically, some APIs were deprecated as well as some properties, both in XAML and the way you reference them in JavaScript (e.g. the Hidden property). Thanks to al lthe people that emailed me and sent me comments about their experiences.

So, I finally got the time to dig into the details of the problem and update the sample. I’m 100% sure that works with Silverlight 1.0 and with the latest alpha of 1.1 that I tried (v1.1.20926.0). I might have missed something on the README.txt but a couple of colleagues have followed the instructions and got the sample working.

I will update this post with the link to the download once it gets uploaded to godotnet samples (which is where the CRM team is posting samples at the moment). Temporarily, you can download the updated sample here (sorry if the site gets out of bandwith, it is a personal site that isn't designed for downloads).

The natural question is, what about Titan(CRM4)? The current sample will not work with Titan because I need to update a couple of places in the JavaScript to make it work with the 2007 endpoint (I prefer to use the newer endpoint); I will probably need to update the fetchXml inside Page.xaml.js; haven’t got into the details yet. I’m also waiting until we get the latest RC0 bits out to partners to make sure the sample works with that release. When? Soon, very soon; that is all I can say at the moment J