Dynamics CRM Incubation Week.... Success!

As Paul Greenberg describes on his blog, the incubation week that Microsoft organized was a complete success for both, entrepreneurs and Dynamics CRM as a platform J

In just 5 days, participants were able to build applications using the CRM platform. Some of them had little to none experience with the product itself and were still able to accomplish amazing results.

A big thank you to Sanjay, Nikhil for making this happen… I promise next time you chase me down the corridors or via email I won’t hide from you he he he (just kidding, you know you are both in my priority list). Also a big thanks to all our partners (Jim Steger being a key one) for all their time and effort.

Being part of the team that is building the next generation of the CRM platform I cannot be anything but extremely proud on the progress we are making with our current product… and it will only get better with CRM5… trust me ;)

Side comment: I’m so missing Cancun… I thought I was now comfortable with Seattle’s weather but nope L  I might get a “sun light” lamp sometime soon if things don’t improve he he.