Long wish lists :)

Today I spent a fair amount of time looking at customer suggestions and I'm super excited that we will be addressing many of them in our next major release :). 

One thing that I noticed is that sometimes people log a long list of suggestions within a single suggestion entry. While we appreciate all sorts of feedback not login individual suggestions makes it very difficult to track your feedback :( so whenever possible I encourage you to help us by voting/ logging individual suggestions for each enhancement that you would like to see in the product. That way we can follow up with you much more effectively and definitively increases the chances to successfully deliver what you are asking us :), it also give the community an opportunity to weight in (e.g. vote) and that helps us make decisions.

What do we do with those long wish lists that we sometimes receive? Do we toss them away? Of course not! We try to do our best to provide feedback and split the requests so that we can track them but I have to be honest, it is not as effective as if the suggestions were logged individually in the first place.