Everywhere around Seattle!!.... I would say that about 60-70% of all Microsoft employees in the Puget Sound area ended up working from home today. My wife and I lived in Pittsburgh before moving to Seattle so we are used to the snow... however I can’t be anything but impressed on the amount of snow it fell today; it was pretty bad. If you add that to the fact that Seattleites are very ill prepared for situations like this (I mean it usually doesn’t snow that bad) it turned out to be one of the most peculiar days we’ve experienced here.

Not to pick on my neighbors but it was fun to watch one of them attempting to drive with a road fully covered by snow… he moved about 20 meters from his drive way and.. .well, lets say that neon is still parked in the middle of the street since 9am (it is now 7:30 pm). (And not he didn’t have an emergency, it was pure curiosity combined with a lack of common sense… I mean 2wd, no chains, sport tires…that is just asking for trouble).

The personal downside that we encountered is that our dog got so excited with the snow that he decided to run and run and eat and eat snow…of course he ended up throwing up and a bit sick but he is fine now. Other than that I think I actually enjoyed this day.

Seems that tomorrow conditions won’t improve much; good thing the remote access is holding up so far :)