Where did the "share views" functionality go?

I've seen plenty of question regarding the "sharing" of OOB views functionality that is no longer available in 4.0.  Basically 3.0 allowed you to "share" OOB views with people/teams...this functionality was used by many as a workaround to remove the canned views that we ship OOB, you basically created a dummy team, shared the view with that team and voilà.. the view was invisible for the rest of the world.   Why then did we remove this functionality ("sharing")?  Mostly, because its implementation conflicted with changes that we performed in our security model.

Does that mean that you will never be able to get rid of the canned views?  Nope; there are ways you can "hide" those from your users and Clint has an elegant workaround for it here using plug-ins.