WPC 2008

Next week the Worldwide Partner Conference is happening in Houston and a lot of fun and exciting things will be unvelided there. Dynamics CRM will be represented and I would like to encourage any atendees to check out the following two sessions:

· Expanding your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business through Software + Services

· Developing and going to market with your ISV solution

Those sessions will give you a lot of useful tools to better understand and take advantage of CRM as a platform and the best ways for partners to grow their business based on it. There will be really cool demos of real world Apps that partners have built on top of CRM; from complete vertical solutions to cool Silverlight apps. A particular demo that is currently planned to be showcased is a packaging tool that AlphaPeople developed that takes advantage of our extensibility model; I’ve personally seen what these folks are doing and it is pretty impressive; they have streamlined the packaging and provisioning of CRM Apps (and a lot more but will leave that for the demo J ).

I, unfortunatelly, won’t be assisting to the event but there is going to be a fair amout of product team members that you will be able to engage with. Have Fun!