xRM at the PDC!

Oh yes; next week you will be able to see firsthand some of the coolest enhancements that we’ve done to the xRM platform. Andy, Barry and Nikhil will be presenting 3 sessions at the Professional Developers Conference. All of them highly recommendable:


· Developing xRM Solutions Using Windows Azure. Come learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to rapidly develop on-premises or services-based "anything" Relationship Management (xRM) applications on the Microsoft platform.

· Managing the Solution Lifecycle for xRM Applications. See how xRM (Anything Relationship Management) provides a set of tools that allow developers to rapidly build extensible, high scale .NET-connected business applications on ...

· Build a .NET Business Application in 60 Minutes with xRM and SharePoint. You know the Web Services let you quickly build interoperable applications; come see how quickly as we use the business application building capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM ...

I guarantee that people that haven’t seem CRM5 bits before will be in awe to witness all of the enhancements that we’ve done (so far…more to come). Since V3 Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been know as a rapid application development platform but with CRM5 we are taking that to the next level.

Go xRM!


Teaser: I was offered the opportunity to present at PDC and I sadly had to decline. Why? Well, it was either present at PDC or focus on the designs of yet more enhancements to our platform and you know which one win. I’m driving 4 features all of them related to extensibility of the product; 2 of them in particular will enhance client side (Web Application) extensibility in both expected and surprising new ways J.