Live Services Jumpstart 2009 – Washington, DC,November 13th and 14th

logo_wsLiveWe have 80 people registered for this event next week in Washington, DC but still have a few seats open. If you want to get a Jumpstart on Live Services, take a minute now to register for next weeks free training event.

Want to build traffic, drive user engagement and influence behavior through your Web applications?

Want to ride the social networking and mobility wave in the consumer market?

Join us at the Live Services Jumpstart event in Washington, DC on November 13th to explore the full breadth of the consumer components of the Microsoft ‘Software + Services’ Services – Live Services – in several in-depth technical sessions, hands-on code labs and informal Q&A. Microsoft's top engineers and Web development experts will lead you through 2 days of level 300-400 discussions on the latest technologies and upcoming offerings.

Jumpstart your business with Live Services. Register today!

About Live Services
Live Services enables developers to engage large audiences with rich social sharing embedded experiences, and to connect the power and scale of the Web to rich client experiences across a world of digital devices. Live Services:

  1. Provides access to over 400M users and the experiences, relationships and data they care about.
  2. Uses an open standards programming interface and resource model that spans the PC, phone and Web (cloud).
  3. Enables data synchronization and local accessibility across many end points, including PC, phone and Web.
  4. Enables Windows applications and technologies to locally access Web data, enabling new and rich Web experiences.