Support Computer Science Education Week 2011!

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that computing-based jobs will be among the fastest growing and highest paying over the next decade. In fact, the current pipeline of computing graduates will fill only 29% of the projected 1.4 million new computing jobs projected by 2018. Computer science education can provide your student with the skills they need for these jobs.

CSEdWeek 2010 is a call to action to raise awareness of computer science education and computing careers among students, educators, and the public. CSEdWeek has been endorsed by Congress as December 5-11, 2010, in recognition of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper's birthday, December 9, 1906, and her extraordinary contributions to the field of Computer Science.

Listen to the CSEdWeek Webcast to EduConnect Members held on November 19th.

Please join us this year in spreading the word and participating in CSEdWeek! The first step is visiting CSEdWeek website and Take the Pledge including your Microsoft affiliation, simply letting the world know that you support CSEdWeek, and how you plan to commemorate the week. If you are planning an activity at your local school, please proceed to the next page and provide specifics about which school and what activity is planned.

Below are a few easy ways to support your student(s) during CSEdWeek:

  • Computing is Everywhere: Talk to your children about how you got things done "in your day" without computers (directions, photos, music, airline reservations, homework, research/write papers, etc), as a way of demonstrating how far we have come and how computers make life easier. Try spending a day without technology or even a few hours to demonstrate.
  • Demonstrate the "Magic of Computing”! Use CS Unplugged to explain how computers work, and at the same time, address critical mathematics and science concepts from number systems and algorithms to manipulating variables and logic – all without using computers. Visit for activities and instructions.
  • Advocate for Quality Computer Science Education: Visit your local school board, superintendent, or principal and advocate for rigorous, engaging computer science classes to prepare your student(s) for the future. Visit and for handy talking points on the subject.

For more background and information on CSEdWeek see and look for more resources on the new, improved website launching November 29, 2010.

If you’re a social media mom or dad, please help us spread the word!

  • Once you take the CSEdWeek pledge, click the ‘share’ button to share your commitment throughout your networks.
  • ‘Like’ CSEdWeek on Facebook at and join the conversation.
  • Blog, tweet, and post to spread the word and raise awareness. Use the hashtag: #CSEdWeek.