Thank you, Orlando!

I had the pleasure to keynote the Orlando Launch Event last week. This was one of 15 full-day Launch events, in addition to 30 half-day events, being organized by the U.S. Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) team. DPE members Bill Zentmayer, Joe Healy, G. Andrew Duthie and Jim Blizzard led an extremely successful event, and gave great presentations throughout the day! The agenda was modeled after the 5 major Launch events on April 12th, and provided a survey of what’s available in VS 2010, including tools for Sharepoint & Office, Windows, Web & Cloud, Phone, and ALM. Ryan Dorrell, CTO of AgileThought (Microsoft Inner Circle Partner), participated in the ALM session and demonstrated TFS features such as Office integration, project management tools, and reporting. There were several requests for the keynote slides, which the marketing team has kindly permitted me to share here. (Stay tuned on Andrew and Joe’s blogs for the demo code.)

Thanks to the wonderful Florida community for an awesome event!