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VS2010 Beta1 Extensibility News

Walkthrough: Quick Search for Files and Symbols in Visual Studio 2010

Walkthrough: TDD Support with the Generate From Usage Feature in VS 2010

VB 2008 Keyboard Shortcut Posters -- Download your copy today!

Did you know? There are many ways to insert a snippet into your code

Code Focused Development in Visual Studio 2010

Did you know? 300+ Visual Studio Tips & Tricks

WANTED: Your feedback on a potential Call Hierarchy feature

WANTED: Your feedback on a potential Quick Search & Navigate feature

Did you know? You can now manage your snippet highlighting

Did you know? VB IntelliSense now filters as you type!

Did you know? What you can do with Debugger Datatips...

Did you know? Ctrl+Tab to navigate windows in VS

Did you know? IntelliSense is now transparent in VS2008!

Did you know? IntelliSense Everywhere

Refactoring in Action

Working with Shortcut Keys

Save Time – Use Keyboard Shortcuts!

Want to see the VB 2005 IDE in action? Check out this video!

Visual Studio 2005 IDE: Top Ten Feature List

Missing the Navigate Forward and Navigate Backward commands on your Toolbar?

Need to create a new file without opening a project?

Want to Customize your menus in Visual Studio 2005? Here's how...

Have a Question about Code Snippets? Try this FAQ!


XML Literals, WCF and LINQ Article by Steele Price

Luca Bolognese on Asynchronous HTML caching in VB.NET

What's the list of new language features in Visual Basic 10.0 and C# 4.0?

Walkthrough: Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic 10.0 and C# 4.0

Walkthrough: Office Programmability in Visual Basic and C# in VS 2010

Using both VB.Net and C#?

Panel: Developers moving to VB.Net for projects using XML

Tutorial: Functional Programming with Visual Basic 9.0

VB Video Tutorials on ASP.Net Dynamic Data

Have a background in C#, and starting to write some Visual Basic?


InfoQ Article on the Future of VB.NET (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Misfit Geek Podcast - Episode #2 "Does VB have a Future?" (Lisa Feigenbaum)

"Future Directions of Visual Basic" Interview with Paul Vick (Lisa Feigenbaum)

"Visual Basic 10: New Features" Interview with Paul Vick (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Community Interview with Lisa Feigenbaum (Beth Massi)

Visual Basic and CSharp IDEs Uncensored (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Nice to meet you! A Nine Question Interview (Lisa Feigenbaum)


Channel9 Interview with Luca Bolognese: VB.NET and C# Co-Evolution

Concurrent Basic on Channel 9

VB XML Literals with ASP.NET MVC

Visual Basic 10 on the 10-4 Channel9 Series!

10-4 Episode 2: Welcome to Visual Studio 2010

Video: Downloading and Using the Visual Studio 2010 September CTP

Announcing 10-4! Weekly video podcasts on Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0

Channel9 series: Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 Week!

VB 2010 Language Features: The Channel9 Version (Lucian Wischik, Lisa Feigenbaum)

Channel 9 Interview: Refactoring in Visual Basic with Refactor! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Channel 9 Interview - Visual Basic Intellisense Improvements in VS 2008 (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Code Snippets on Channel9 - Ken Levy and Lisa Feigenbaum

Code Snippets on Channel9 (Lisa Feigenbaum)


CodeCast Episode 20: Biz Apps Team and VB with Beth Massi (Lisa Feigenbaum, Beth Massi)

CodeCast Episode 17: Visual Basic 2010 Preview with Lisa Feigenbaum

CodeCast Episode 12: Visual Basic and the VB Community (Lisa Feigenbaum, Dustin Campbell)


.NET Rocks! with Beth Massi on the Open XML SDK and XML Literals

TechEd Video: Future Directions for Visual Basic, by Anders Hejlsberg and Jonathan Aneja

TechEd North America, here we come!

MIX 09 Video: Making XML Really, Really Easy with Microsoft Visual Basic

Visual Studio at MIX 09

Presentation Materials from Belgian TechDays 2009 (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Visual Basic at MIX '09

Video: Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Tips and Tricks (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Video: The Joy of Writing Code in Visual Studio 2010 (Karen Liu)

Spain User Group Tour: All Good Things Must Come to An End (Lisa Feigenbaum)

My *V*Birthday with VB friends in Spain! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Visual Basic en España (Lisa Feigenbaum)

TechEd Barcelona: Session Materials (Lisa Feigenbaum)

VS 2010 Announcements at TechEd EMEA

What to watch, as a VB Developer at PDC

PDC Dinner in honor of VB and C# MVPs

I'm a VB!

Experience PDC 2008 whenever and wherever - for FREE!

TL12: Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic

VB 2010 Unveiled at PDC 2008!

Where is the VB Team going to be over the next few months?

"Future Directions of Visual Basic": Don't miss this talk at the Professional Developers Conference!

Malay Mail coverage of TechEd SouthEast Asia

Visual Basic at TechEd SouthEast Asia (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Visual Basic at TechEd South Africa 2008 (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Around the World with Visual Basic (Lisa Feigenbaum)

TechEd US 2008: Presentation Materials for TLA325 (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Come hear about VB 2008 Tips & Tricks at TechEd US! (Lisa Feigenbaum)

LINQ Deep Dive and Best Practices Presentation Materials (Lisa Feigenbaum)

VB 2008 IDE Tips & Tricks Presentation Materials (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Come join me on a Southern California user group tour (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Slide Deck and Samples for LINQ Best Practices (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Talking about the Future: LINQ, Atlas, and VSTA at the PDC


VB Entity Framework Samples Now Available

The Silverlight Toolkit Adds Visual Basic Samples

Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight: VB QuickStarts, Hands-On-Labs, and How-To Topics released!

VB Developer? Read MSDN Magazine? You're in luck!

Are you a VB developer and interested in Silverlight?

Are you using Silverlight with Visual Basic?

Are you using Expression Encoder 2 with Visual Basic?

Are you using Windows Presentation Foundation with Visual Basic?

Are you using the ASP.Net MVC Framework with Visual Basic?


Try Out Dotfuscator in VS 2010 Beta 1!

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1 Released Today!

CodeRush Xpress Released Today!

CodeRush Xpress 9.1 Beta: 59 Refactorings, 17 Consume-first providers, and Much more!

Download the CTP and Submit Your Feedback!

Microsoft Announces Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4.0

Visual Basic 2005 is now available!


History of Microsoft Video: Bill Gates Talks about Altair Basic

Ask Kathleen: Working with MEF

Visual Studio 2008 Voted Best IDE!

Happy New Year!

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Make sure you apply this fix before your VS2010 CTP VPC expires!

Happy 10th Birthday to the Italian VB Tips and Tricks Community!

Did you know there's a VB user group meeting each month at Microsoft Redmond?

Visual Basic Developer Center Revamped!

VB2008 Outperforms VB2005!

The VB IDE team joins the VB Team blog

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