Microsoft DevDays Kenya 2004 - 3 days to go

I am all geared up for Kenya's truest Developer Days Event this coming Thursday April 22nd. Truest because this time, the Marketing folks did an exhaustive profiling campaign to find and fish out developers in the region. Developers' reaction? Where have you guys been !? Its about time you hosted events here for developers! A great lineup of speakers is in order, AbdelMakel Kemmou, Goksin (Motorbike) Bakir, Nasser Ghazi (My boss), Gurkan Salk & Myself of course. With the exception of Gurkan Salk, the four of us were together as speakers at the Middle East Developers Conference in Cairo ealry February this year, which turned out to be a great suceess, so i hope this turns out to be the same.

I am going to be presenting on two topics:

  • Developing Secure Smart Client Applications
  • Deploying and Maintaining Smart Client Applications

The event will be in Safari Park Hotel and will kick off at 9AM. Attendance is free as well as transport which will be available from Kencom at 8AM. See you there!