2016-06-24 Release Update

This is a substantial release that includes a new default schema - 2016-04-01-preview.  By default all new logic apps created in Azure should have the new schema and capabilities that come with it.  In addition, existing logic apps have the option to upgrade to the new schema from the logic app resource blade.  More details on the new schema and how to upgrade can be found here:  https://aka.ms/logicapps-2016-04-01

The update is scheduled to roll out 2016/06/24 - it may be a few hours from this update publish time before you see changes in the portal.

Release Notes:

  • Can add Scopes from the designer and in code-view
  • Conditions and Loops visible in designer and are now types of actions
  • New filter action to filter an array
  • DependsOn replaced by more fleixible "runAfter" to determine execution ordering based on previous action status
  • Rename option in the designer to rename actions
  • Support for the 'nullable' indicator '?' and will automatically be added for optional values.
  • @result() and @workflow() functions.
    • @result('scopeName') will return an array of action results, status, and inputs/outputs for evaluation and exception handling
    • @workflow() will return an object that details information on the run - like @workflow()['run']['name'] to get the ID
  • Request trigger with no response action returns run name as a response header

Bug Fixes:

  • Using functions for fields like HTTP Header would sometimes show invalid JSON error
  • '?' operator would be removed when loading designer