Release Update 2017-03-10

Release Notes:

  • Azure Blob trigger added
  • Open nested logic app from designer or run history
  • Support for messages up to 100MB, and HTTP timeout max of 120 seconds
  • Ability to set a timeout on HTTP Webhook or Async operation (e.g. on approval email - timeout after 1 day)
  • Performance improvements for "split-on" debatching triggers
  • Added API support for returning runs filtered by "startTime"
  • Phase 1: Support for 100k items in foreach (deployed but not yet active - will activate next week after validation)

Bug Fixes:

  • XSLT Performance improvements
  • Fix for inserting dynamic outputs between two segments in designer
  • Some fixes for the new template page
  • Getting swagger of Logic App (/listSwagger) was formatting booleans incorrectly
  • Two properties with same name would sometimes switch display in designer (e.g. Attachment ID and Message ID)
  • Reloading a Service Bus JSON object would show @base64(...)