GoMaps Indoor Navigation

This has always been a problem for Microsoft (or any big company). we have so many buildings and rooms in our campus, sometimes it’s a chore to locate a meeting room or a person you’d like to meet. We have to work in 10-15mins of travel time before and after meetings just to ensure we arrive anywhere on time.

GPS Navigation software helps with locating buildings, but will not work indoors, for obvious reasons. So how do you provide similar guided walkthroughs of a buildings floor plan so that one can find a desired location?

Enter GoMaps. working in conjunction with Steven Shafer of Microsoft Research and Gavin Jancke of Microsoft Tag, we put together a prototype application that uses MS Tag to locate your position, in combination with MSR’s Facilities Framework.

checkout the video demonstration I made with Todd Bishop from TechFlash during our Seattle DevCamp recently.



There are so many other applications of this technology for other industries, like university campuses, large factories, government buildings etc.