Twikini 1.0 released, now with special pricing for starving bloggers!


CJ just pinged me to let me know Twikini has hit v1.0 and it’s final. Woohoo! here are the new updates in v1.

Official version 1.0 (May 20, 2009)

  • New: Added Public timeline. Now you can read tweets from total strangers!
  • New: Fast account switching - now you can quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts without reentering the password.
  • New: 2 new themes - Lounge and Cool Water.
  • Improved: Start up time will be faster because we eliminated one unnecessary Twitter API request for authentication.
  • Improved: Finally fixed the auto refresh issues. Auto refresh should work whether your device is turned on or in standby.
  • Improved: Added a 2-minute option for auto refresh.
  • Improved: The title bar of the tweet dialog will show you which account you're tweeting from (to prevent accidently tweeting from the wrong account).
  • Improved: You can now manually delete the image cache from Options.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problems with tweets in languages like Thai, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc. You can tweet in whichever language your device uses (not just English).
  • Bug fix: Fixed problems with encoding special characters like ? and % in tweets and DMs.
  • Bug fix: "&gt" and "&lt" were showing up in the timeline instead of > and <.
  • Bug fix: If you were in the Sent Items view, it would not refresh after you sent a DM.
  • Lots of performance tweaks and miscellaneous improvements.Note: although this is the "final" v1.0 release, Twikini will continue improving just like before. We have more features to add and lots of ways to improve further.

and the new “pricing model”.

  • $4.95 (value shopper)

    Get Twikini plus any other Trinket Software app for just $4.95. That's saving more than 50%, and our other apps are also useful, fun and well designed just like Twikini!


  • FREE! (starving blogger)

    If you have a blog or website and post something about Twikini, we'll give you a free copy. Tweets on Twitter don't count.


  • $9.95 (business user)

    If you use Twitter for work or to grow your business, and find Twikini to be a valuable tool, please consider this option. Your increased support will encourage improvements and expedite new features.



Go download yours now, and give CJ some props for making this fine app!