TFS Administration Tool 2.0 Beta has been released

I am pleased to announce that TFS Administration Tool 2.0 Beta has been released. You can download it from the TFS Administration Tool project website. The team has been hard at work, fixing the bugs that were found in the CTP release and implementing some of the features requested by the users who downloaded the tool.

In the Beta release we have added support for Team Foundation Server 2010 RC. In order to connect to Team Foundation Server 2010 RC using Team Foundation Server 2008 object model you need to have the Forward Compatibility update installed. In case you haven’t installed it already please download the update and install it before installing TFS Administration Tool 2.0 Beta.

Apart from some minor features like sorting on all columns in the user list, the beta release also contains a new feature which we think will come in very handy – user import. This feature allows administrators to copy user permissions between two team project on the same server. We think that this feature will come in handy when setting up newly created team projects. When using the user import feature there are couple of things that you will have to keep in mind:

  • To use the feature you need to connect to at least two team projects from one server.
  • In case a user already exists in the target team project his/her permissions will be overwritten with the permissions from the source project. Users that already exist in the target team project are displayed with italic font so you will be able to easily identify them.
  • The outcome of the import operation is a set of pending changes which will be listed in the "Pending Changes" window. In order to complete the import operation the user will have to commit the pending changes.
  • You cannot import user permissions from a team project that lives on a different Team Foundation Server .

Below I have included a screenshot of the User Import dialog.

TFS Administration Tool 2.0 Beta 

Please download the beta release and try it out with your Team Foundation Server. Help the team iron out the last bugs before the RTM release. In case you have any feedback regarding the tool, you run into any issues or you would like to ask for a new feature please file a work item on the TFS Administration Tool project website.

Thanks for your help!