Community Resources

I've received several emails from folks reading my blog asking for direct assistance with various issues.  Though in some cases I can help directly - often times I just don't have the bandwidth for direct responses.

Not to fear, there are plenty of ways to get help on Reporting Services and Notification Services. I've tried to summarize them below.  If you know of others, please do let me know and I'll add them to this posting for your reference.

Reporting Services Web site:

Reporitng Services Public newsgroup:

Reporting Serivces Forum:

Report Viewer Controls in Visual Studio 2005: 

Notificaton Services Public newsgroup:

Notification Services Forum:

Blogs - see left side column for a cross reference to blog entries.

Each of these places will help you learn from the community knowledge that others before you have built up.  I would especially recommend searching over the posts to see if someone has already answered the question you have.