PowerShell DSC - LocalConfigurationManager cycle behaviour

LCM will start the 15 minute cycle based on:
• A new metaconfig is applied using Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager
• A machine restart
• For any condition where the timer process experiences a crash, that will be detected within 30 seconds and the cycle will be restarted

The start time is absolute.
This means if an operation begins at T0 and some other activity is in progress at time T1 and takes 5 minutes,
the next timer will kick in after T1+15 (with 15 minute frequency).
If an operation is already in progress and the duration exceeds the configured cycle frequency, the next timer will not start.

Example, the metaconfig is configured at a 15 minute pull frequency and a pull occurs at T1.
The node does not finish work (such as setting a configuration) for 16 minutes.
At T1+15, the timer is ignored and next pull will happen at T1+15+15.