Comparison: Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions

Until 2018 customers in need of marketing automation with their Dynamics 365 had to opt for third-party solutions, like ClickDimensions.

Now many Dynamics 365 customers are looking at Dynamics 365 for Marketing to turn prospects into business relationships, for reasons like cloud architecture, intelligence, performance, vendor strategy and more.

The features in Dynamics 365 for Marketing are abundant - and with hundreds of developers working on the app, and the value from infused intelligence, its just getting better and better.

To help you do a high level comparison of Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions, I've put together the below table. For a more detailed look at the capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Marketing I encourage you to take a look at the 20 or so blog posts I wrote on the topic.



  1. Roadmap Fall 2019
  2. Roadmap Fall 2019
  3. Find more leads with AI-driven insights embedded inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
    Marketing organizations can leverage the power of Customer Insights to create and act upon strategic segments. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (in Preview) - link
  4. Cloud architecture/Embedded intelligence
    - D365 for Marketing: Disconnected from Dynamics 365 and built entirely on dedicated high-performance Azure microservices. Marketing insights derived from interactions data stored separately in Azure services.
    - CD: Same cloud infrastructure as Dynamics 365, everything in the transactional system. Reporting and analytics dashboards run off of interactions and transactions stored in Dynamics 365. Can affect performance.
  5. 3rd Party, eg TeleSign - link
  6. Social Post introduced with April 2019 release (link) , Social Listening in Market Insights - link
  7. Roadmap Fall 2019

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