Highly Available Virtual Networks and VMM

We had a few customers ask us to clarify high availability (HA) with regards to Virtual Networks (VN).

In the VMM/Clustering case, there are a few considerations around virtual networks:

  • A VN to be considered HA has to have the same exact name in all nodes of the cluster (Virtual Network names are case-sensitive), the same location (the NICs to which the VN is attached to in each cluster node have the same location) and the same VN network tag
  • An HA VM in a cluster connected to a VN not marked as HA, would be marked as ‘Unsupported cluster configuration’ in VMM. Make sure the VN is HA in order to make the VM healthy again.

If you fail to properly configure your virtual networks in a cluster, a highly available VM might lose network connectivity upon failover to another cluster node.