A/C back online..

Gotta love service contracts. Thanks to the $30/month I pay, when the A/C repairman showed up today, I paid nothing and he fixed it.

It's another one of those "how do you feel experiences?" I felt great because I was getting value for the money I had ALREADY spent. It's the reverse. Usually, you want to see the value--and THEN spend the money. Here, I spent it first...and today I was thrilled I had. Strange how that works, huh?

I wonder if there's a way to do that in every business? Probably...just have to think about how you want the person (customer, congregant, donor, etc.) to feel after you deliver the service/product they've already paid for.

On a personal note, though inconvenient and uncomfortable for 70 hours or so, it was a chance to reflect on our relative good fortune...normally, we have Air Conditioning. We also appreciated what life was like before A/C.

Another one of those perspective generating moments, I suppose.