Book Review: E-Myth Revisited


Michael Gerber's book The E-Myth Revisited offers up "an old Chinese proverb that says

When you hear something, you will forget it.

When you see something, you will remember it.

But not until you do something, will you understand it."

Which he uses to motivate people who want to become successful entrepreneurs.

But it's not a motivational book alone, it's an Operations Manual for how to create a business that will sustain you and not consume you.

For a business you work on, not in.

He aptly describes the challenges that many entrepreneurs face in beginning on their own (I can relate as I was part of a start-up for 2 years) and the mistakes they (I) make that ultimately lead to failure.

I've heard many people say, "my goal is to start my own business."

If that's you, a small investment in this book could go a long way to your becoming a true "craftsperson" of your business.

And another tidbit that I liked (and there were many) is that:

People-your people-do not want simply to work for exciting people. They want to work for people who have created a clearly defined structure for acting in the world. A structure through which they can test themselves and be tested. Such a structure is called a game.

This is yet another book (actually the original E-Myth) which was recommended to me years ago (like Cluetrain) and I should have read then. Ugh.