Book Review: Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over

In principle, I agree with everything that the author advocates in Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over. Communication (and PowerPoint!) is about telling a story that resonates (see Book Review: Made to Stick) not bombarding people with data, facts, and figures.

The author, editor really, emphasizes the need to tell a story and she peppers the book with a lot of stories, which is good. But, I found the whole book in and of itself to be devoid of a compelling story.

Now, perhaps it is because, in this case, she was "preaching to choir," that I didn't feel like I needed to read the whole thing, but I didn't get pulled into the "story" of the book.

If you aren't convinced at all that stories, as opposed to hundred bullet point PowerPoint slides, are the way to go, then go ahead and get this book (from the library!).

Otherwise, while there are some good anecdotes out there, I've seen better examples of ways to convince people of the power of stories in the Conceptual Age.