Get Rich by Blogging...

Unfortunately, it's not going to happen.

Ok, well it might, but the odds are seriously against you.

Mark Cuban had a great post on this at More on Blogs, The Long Tail and Following vs Leading.

So, if you are not going to get rich and famous by becoming an A-list blogger, why bother having a blog?

Well, let's "flip the script" and  challenge the assumptions.

Perhaps we should ask, as Seth did, why bother having a resume?

Perhaps the blog that you keep is actually better than a resume?

Perhaps having a blog shows prospective employers, clients, and business partners how you think, how you communicate, and how you stay on top of trends over time?

In the information age, these skills (in addition to your list of accomplishments) are critical to demonstrate.

And, what better way, than to show a prolonged commitment to the study and contemplation of your discipline by blogging about it?

By engaging and inviting conversation with others?

By having a group of people who subscribe to your RSS feed and willingly invite you into their lives and attention spans?

Maybe the blog is your indirect route to riches?


And hey, please subscribe to my RSS feed :-)