Location, Location, Location...

Marketing is both science and art, no question.

The art part is how you make people feel, but there's a science part.

One of them is when we make suggestions about locations for your event. There's a TON of data-mining and analysis that goes into this.

  1. where customers work
  2. which products/solutions play well in that market
  3. what the opportunity is for the right story in that market.

Admittedly, I’ve focused more on event date/timeframe/results than event location, but I noticed something interesting the other day.

100% of March MPE events and 50% of scheduled (60% have secured location) April events are taking place in DC or Reston office.

The tenets of our marketing effort are 

  • Do the Right Activity
  • with the Right Content
  • with the Right Customer
  • in the Right Location

I know it's easier and cheaper to do the event at an MS facility, plus having the Microsoft brand is helpful, but I'm concerned we're all missing a big opportunity here.

I am going to investigate and see if I can prove my point with some data, so stay tuned.