Making Life Easier For Your Customers

Picked up the dry cleaning on Friday. As I was putting things away, I noticed that my wife's clothes and mine were tied together or put in the same plastic bags.

Why not make it one step easier for us and separate the male/female items as the dry cleaner is putting the order together? Wouldn't that be easier and more thoughtful? I mean, how many men also own a skirt or a blouse?

It's an example of where something may be easier for you, but not for your customers.

And while we're on the subject, I noticed that as the dry cleaner was checking in our clothes the other day, he pulled off some stickers from a roll that said "stain" and placed them on the various articles of clothing.

"Hey, can I get some of those stickers? I'll put them on for you. It'll save you time and make me feel comfortable that all of the stains will be seen."

He wasn't interested.

I don't get it. Here's a chance for him to partner with me and make it even more likely that I'll return to his shop.

Partner with your customers, get them involved in the process. A great way to keep yourself growing.