Nickel and Diming...

Read an article a few weeks ago in SmartMoney about high-end spas/resorts where the rich go to refresh themselves. They are in unusual locales, or at least that was the theme of the article.

For a work retreat last week, I went to Nemacolin which may be one of them. It's HUGE and has all of the amenities.

The resort was founded by the owner of 84 Lumber and shows, once again, that if you have a huge amount of money, there's really no limit to the extent of decorating you can go.

But here's one thing that annoys me....

Why, in a place like this, where you are paying through the they charge you $10 ($20 before 3pm) to use the pool or the sauna?

Why not just raise the room rates on everyone by $5/night (not like we're going to go to Motel6-nothing against them) and make it open access? You'll probably only get a few extra people and make more money at the same time, while not angering/irritating anyone.

Just feels like a nickel/diming scenario. Don't know about you, but that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Now, here's the question: where do you nickel and dime your customers? What can you do to change it?