Partner questions on the event in a box strategy….

Bill Fleming wrote in following the GetEngaged call with some good questions…

Is it possible to get a copy of the slide deck for the "Branch Management" presentation?

When you accept an event offer for Branch Management (which was extended to you for Norfolk, I believe), you can download it from site

Many people that come to mind would look at this and think that they will not be interested since they do not have branches. Is the list that Microsoft developed filtered to concentrate customers for which branch management really is an issue?

We have 30,000 customers approximately, so we can’t say that 100% of the customers on the list have branches and will be interested in the solution. What we’ve tried to do is use some of our data and make some assumptions (size of company, numbers of servers purchases in the past, etc.) that may allow us to filter the entire list down to a reasonable portion of customers who might be interested.

Allison mentioned considering more than one type of event. Would it be possible for me to look at and "cherry pick" slides from them so that it contains content that may be interesting to a large number of people in this area?

These slides should also be posted under the Resources section of for you to review.