Rise of the Social Media Aggregators...

Fair amount of hullaballoo (at least in the virtual circles in which I run) about the social media aggregator sites.

The leading candidates

Each promises to pull in "streams" from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to give you one place to get all of the updates on your networks.

Staying on top of the info isn't easy and my award goes to....



Well, I believe that the person is the channel and it is the only one that centers the updates first by person, then by chronological order. This gives me a chance to see what that person is "broadcasting," thinking about, etc. It provides context, which matters.

The others are nice (though I don't like the interruption of AlertThingy, reminds me of Outlook's new mail notification, that is nothing but a distratction), but it's more of a "stream of consciousness," James Joyce-ian experience.

I need a bit of order, so that's what works for me.

SocialThing doesn't have all the big services yet, but it will with time...and that'll just make it better.