Thinking Holistically About Your Event

Roxane and Diamond Technologies are hosting the Microsoft RV next Tuesday and they have left no stone unturned in rallying people to attend the event.

Instead of a direct to client perspective alone, they have worked with an "influencer" model, reaching out to local Chambers of Commerce, graduate school classes, and local media (Newark, DE). And, best of all, employees (all of them) are incented (since they have a referral program) to raise awareness of the event.

The day is a non-stop bevy of interactivity, with a local radio station broadcasting live from the event! Customers are invited to sign a "wall of fame," use a "digital" pen, network with other customers, visit a SharePoint "doctor" and, of course, visit the truck.

Just love the complete and detailed thought that has gone into planning and executing the event. 83 people registered already. Nice work, Diamond!

Listen to her radio ad (attachment below).