Using Click to Attend Sites...small change

Ed Becker wrote in about the new process requiring customers to use a Live ID when signing into Click to Attend. Here's the answer:

This is a fairly new addition to in order to make registration quicker and easier.  Your attendees will need to login to using their Passport or Windows Live Credentials which will then store their personal information for future registration experiences. There is no option to disable this function, however it should prove to make registration much more efficient and there are several options listed below that may help your situation.  

If the person needs to create an account, please advise them to go to  It is very quick and easy and if they have any trouble, you can also direct them to me for further assistance.

As for other registration options…please see below for further explanation.  We realize some people may not want to sign up for one so here are ways for you to register them.

  • Single-Person Registration
  • Bulk Registration
    • For the group or bulk registration experience, you can download a spreadsheet template from the Add Registrants page of the site, paste in your event registrations, and upload the file into the site.
    • On the Actions menu of an event choose Add Registrants.
    • The bulk feature is also useful if you’re using internal or 3rd-party telemarketing to drive demand for your events.
  • Alternate Registration Options
    • In the Event Preview step just before activating an event, or in the Edit Menu for an existing event, you’ll see a new option to include Register by E-Mail or Phone.
    • If you choose these options, you can enter a phone number and/or e-mail address to offer to people when they register on
    • You would then be responsible for entering registrants’ information in through using one of the options above so that the registrant will receive a registration confirmation and reminder messages.


If you’d like, you can enable phone and/or e-mail registration by:

  • visiting,
  • locating the appropriate event,
  • clicking Edit/Cancel on the Actions menu
  • at the very bottom of the page, check the box for Allow Users to Register Via Phone and E-Mail
  • enter the phone number and/or e-mail address you’d like to use

Thanks!! Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great morning!