What $5k in event marketing buys you...

DSCN7487Well, Dave and his team at Evolve pulled off Moneyball at RFK Stadium yesterday (and the Nationals beat the Braves, 4-3!)

Each of the 40 customers was assigned to a team "managed" by one of the reps from the sponsoring partners (Evolve, Microsoft, Palm, and GWD).

Using Palm 750 Treo devices with Windows Mobile 5, the participants reviewed the Nats players stats in a few different views (just home games, the last 7 days, the last month, and the whole season.)

At the top of each inning, each team submitted the name of the Nats player who would have the most productive inning (hits, runs, rbi, etc.)

Cumulative scores were sent out and the competition kept the customers (and the managers) involved, networking, and chatting.

My team finished 2nd (I should have overruled one of my players, but hey, she was a customer!) and the customers really appreciated the unique effort that was put forth.

Best of all, the customers started making suggestions (not criticisms) of how Dave could improve it for next time (and they promised to come back in August for a 2nd go around).

They had become involved in the experience and were collaborators in making it more exciting.

Giveaways, food, t-shirts, wireless interactivity proving you can be as productive at a baseball game as sitting in a cubicle....all in all a great (and innovative event).

 DSCN7478 Now, we just have to wait for the follow up and see how many leads were generated.


And I almost forgot, thanks to some strong Pre-Event PR, we had reporters from XM Satellite radio and a wireless magazine.