TFS History via command line for a date range

I know several people have blogged about this and it is available in the help files somewhat.   I thought I would just capture a quick note on what I sometimes use.

Scenario: Show me all the changes (history) for all files within a location in a team project on a server for a specified date range

Command Line:
tf history /server:https://MYTFSSERVER:8080 $/MYTEAMPROJECT/FOLDER /recursive /format:brief /user:* /version:D"04/28/2008"~D"04/29/2008" /noprompt

So if your server name was "TFS01" and the TeamProject name was "FinancialApp" and your folder was "main" then the command line would be:
tf history /server:https://TFS01:8080 $/FinancialApp /main /recursive /format:brief /user:* /version:D"04/28/2008"~D"04/29/2008" /noprompt