Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics for Non-Data Scientists

You might be a data scientist, but your boss probably is not.

IT decision-makers need to have a good grasp of advanced analytics technologies like Hadoop and machine learning but the time and energy investment can seem intense. And it can be discouraging to them if your current technology platform is oriented towards OLTP, data warehousing and BI. Who wants to think about starting over with all new tech?

One fast and painless way for non-data scientists to get the background they need is to attend Microsoft Ignite in May. Ignite is a gathering of tech leaders, IT professionals and Microsoft partners who are there to teach, learn, and spark big new ideas.

Ignite is also where IT decision-makers can attend a session called Advanced Analytics: Navigating Your Way There , led by Gigaom Research Director for Big Data and Analytics, Andrew Brust, a SQL Server MVP and Microsoft BI expert. He’ll demo Microsoft's advanced analytics technologies and explain their strategic value and compelling economics. Andrew will also walk through a competitive analysis at this session.

Best of all, he’ll demonstrate how you can fit these new technologies into environments currently based on SQL Server, Analysis Services, and similar technologies.

You’ll find a lot more happening at Ignite, including in-depth sessions for data scientists. You can stay updated via email by subscribing here. If you haven’t signed up already, register for Ignite here.