New Bing APIs Now Available for Purchase – Search, Autosuggest, Spell Check

Re-posted from the Bing Developers Blog.

Starting today, the new Bing Search API portfolio is available for purchase as a Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering. Developers worldwide  can now build intelligent apps that have instant access to search technologies developed over decades of research at Microsoft.

These APIs tap into the same underlying Microsoft Cognitive Services that are part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite and bring intelligence into apps with high quality vision, speech, language, knowledge and search services. The Bing Search APIs use our core Bing platform and features are used by hundreds of millions of users each month to search across Bing, Cortana, Office and much more. These are REST APIs that follow the latest structured data standards, making them easy to implement. They offer the same reliability and support that has made Bing a trusted service for many industry leaders.

Here are some things you can do with these APIs:

  • Search across billions of web pages, images, videos, and news results.
  • Use Autosuggest services to improve the accuracy and speed of user input in your apps and sites.
  • Use assistive services such as spell check and adult intent signal.
  • Gain access to trending topics including news, images and videos.
  • Get the ability to filter image and video results by size, license, style, and price.

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ML Blog Team