WIIFM-“Powershell available on Linux”

When I first read this announcement - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/powershell-is-open-sourced-and-is-available-on-linux/, I thought what the heck we are trying to solve when “Bash/Python/Perl” Linux already has got for automation & scripting. But it is proved wrong after this video - https://youtu.be/2WZwv7TxqZ0

But once again, this is a very cool move from our Powershell team by opening up the source code + extending support to Linux and MacOS. Devops would love this for sure, it comes handy for managing or automating Azure resources across the OS. They are plans to include most of the modules down the line so that, seamless execution for sure.

Keytakeaway:- If we have any PS script written in Windows say Azure VM creation or management /Dockers/AWS storage/VMware resource management etc then we can reuse the same script in Linux & Macos. There is no difference in the syntax. Just copy paste should work without any difference.

Sweet – “We are partnering with third party companies – Chef, Amazon Web Services, VMware, and Google to name a few - to create a rich, seamless experience across the platforms you know and use.”

Write once, runs any ware philosophy - heterogeneous management toolset.