Mix 08 and Silverlight 2

Mix 2008 is just hours away and I am very excited to talk about all the work we have been doing to get the beta of Silverlight 2 ready. Scott Guthrie already kicked off the information flow with 2 wonderful posts on Silverlight 2 and Blend. We have worked hard to incorporate WCF + Orcas SP1 features in this Beta1 and I am personally very excited about the bits. Eugene, our PM, is presenting a session tomorrow on the features available for working with Data and web services.. 

Working with Data and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 2

Wednesday, March 5 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM, Delfino 4105

Speaker(s): Eugene Osovetsky

Audience(s): Technical

Session Type: Breakout

Learn how easy it is to utilize POX, REST, RSS, ATOM, JSON, and SOAP in your Microsoft Silverlight mashup applications. Also learn how to easily access and display data with Silverlight using LINQ and databinding.

Eugene will talk about the serializer, proxy support we are shipping with Beta1 and will also briefly talk about the direction we are thinking about for the next milestone of Silverlight 2. I have been working on Silverlight 2 for the past year and with Mix 08, I can finally talk about specifics and share more details.

Update: We have setup a team blog for Silverlight Web Services at https://blogs.msdn.com/silverlightws. We plan on posting a lot of services related content there in the next few weeks.